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Josh and Miriam

63 and 53-years-old | Retired

Goals: Maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement and ensure Miriam’s future is secure.

Ready to retire from a prosperous architecture practice, Josh and his wife, Miriam, are looking to secure their financial future in the next chapter of their lives.

Josh and Miriam are both enthusiastic and concerned about their upcoming golden years. Josh is retiring after building a prosperous architectural firm, while Miriam successfully raised two children.

Although they prudently saved over $5 million in liquid assets, they are concerned about having enough to last both their lifetimes. Ten years younger than Josh, Miriam has always let him manage their finances.

At Pacific Wealth Management, we work with couples considering or already in retirement to ensure they maintain their comfortable lifestyle throughout their retirement. Our comprehensive financial planning process will help make sure their legacy efficiently passes, as they intend, to their children.


35-years-old | Corporate Executive

Goals: Manage RSU’s and stock options, as well as screen start-up opportunities.

A young, very successful corporate executive, Elliot is looking for a wealth management firm to oversee his growing net worth.

At 35, Elliot’s career has always been on the fast track. Having benefited from his employer’s significant stock appreciation over the past 10 years, Elliot made his first million in his 20’s. After accumulating over $4 million, managing his financial wealth has never been his top priority. He enjoys the excitement of start-up companies and the opportunities they present.

Pacific Wealth Management works with young, successful executives like Ryan to preserve their well-earned prosperity, providing a disciplined plan and a team to implement it. Our proactive communication effectively keeps them informed of their progress and in control of their financial world.


42-years-old | Law Firm Administrator

Goals: Protect her interests and secure her future after divorce.

In the process of completing an emotional divorce, Sophia was looking for a wealth management firm with a fiduciary approach to protect her future.

Winding down a challenging and emotional divorce, Sophia was looking for a firm that offered the support, education and discipline necessary to take back control of her financial future.

Like most individuals, Sofia did not anticipate her marriage ending in divorce. With a successful career as a law firm administrator, it felt comfortable for her husband — a wealthy real estate developer — to manage their financial affairs. Now, she is interested in assembling her own team, acting as her fiduciary, to take charge of her finances.

Pacific Wealth Management embraces the higher fiduciary responsibility that comes with being an independent advisory firm, aligning our objectives with our clients and working within a compensation model that ensures we act in their best interests.

Ethan and Jenna

58 and 56-years-old | Medical Device Company Owners

Goals: plan for their company’s sale and maximize tax efficiencies.

Anticipating the sale of their business, Ethan and Jenna were searching for an advisory firm to help them navigate the transition.

As they prepared for the upcoming sale of their family’s business, Ethan and Jenna began to feel uncomfortable with the prospect of transitioning into a much higher level of wealth. They knew they needed an advisory firm experienced in the complexities of high net worth wealth management.

Pacific Wealth Management is experienced at working with individuals who have accumulated significant wealth from a liquidity event, such as the sale of a business. The intricacies of reaching your lifestyle goals before and after retirement are often challenging and complex. Our disciplined planning process is transparent, providing clients with a clear understanding of every aspect of their financial life.

This consistent approach provides clients with confidence and a sense of trust. Our comprehensive wealth planning ensures each important financial decision is intelligently analyzed, deliberate, complementary and always in your best long-term interest.

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