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How We Do It

Before you decide to work with us, all prospective clients are invited to three, no-obligation meetings where you will receive actionable recommendations and in-depth insight into how we can help you achieve your goals.

Client Centered

Our first meeting is all about getting to know one another. We are interested in who you and your family are and where you want to be. We will gain a comprehensive understanding of your past, present and future financial goals. During this time, you’ll also learn more about our team, capabilities and fee structure.

Client Centered

In the second meeting, we'll explore opportunities to expand on your goals, as well as identify any gaps in your current strategy. Then, we'll refine your financial plan, evaluating potential scenarios so you understand how your finances may be impacted. Afterwards, we'll review your investments, identify your optimal risk tolerance and share our investment research resources.

Client Centered

In our third meeting, we'll review and discuss our recommendations and implementation strategy, providing you with a retirement viability analysis that includes your estimated probability of success. Our goal is to offer you a clear vision of where you stand and ways you can secure your future throughout your retirement.

What you can expect as a Pacific Wealth Management Client

Active and effective communication.

We’ll meet with you quarterly to stay up-to-date on your life, as well as keep you informed of your progress towards reaching your objectives.

Systematic financial planning focus.

Every aspect of your financial life will be evaluated and analyzed in order to design sound strategies for you to achieve your current goals and fulfill your future needs.

Comprehensive and proactive approach.

From your current life circumstances to changing tax laws, we will constantly review and make adjustments to your financial plan to ensure it is optimized at all times.

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