The PWM difference

Why Us?

Proactive Asset Management™

Our proprietary method to effectively preserve wealth, Proactive Asset Management, has enabled clients to make money in the toughest market conditions. It is very different from a typical money management strategy.

  • We have learned that the financial industry’s mantra of “buy and hold” is no longer a valid strategy, and is actually critically flawed.
  • Our strategy understands the risks in volatility, a new but long-term reality that is responsible for significant portfolio losses to countless investors.
  • We focus on making asset allocation and investment changes before markets make alarming moves.

We are different because:

  • We are independent. We provide an objective evaluation of all investment possibilities to find those that complement each other and offer the most competitive potential return. Our unlimited array of possibilities often include alternative investments and even cash when appropriate – assets that other firms do not offer because they are not compensated for them.
  • Our allegiance is to our clients. Our fee-based compensation model ensures that our counsel is always in your best interest.
  • We offer high-touch service—frequent client contact to ensure you always know where your portfolio stands and we always know what is happening in your life, so we can plan accordingly.

Pacific Divorce Management
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