Pacific Wealth Management Market Comment

by Jim Kuntz on August 26, 2014

As our summer of 2014 winds down, we hope you have enjoyed some rest and relaxation with your family and friends, or are planning to do so before the daylight hours begin to shorten.

As anticipated, this year’s financial markets continue to be choppy. The increased volatility has been driven by a heightened level of nervousness as the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank continues to “remove the punch bowl from the party”, while winding down their monthly government bond purchases. If the central bank maintains the pace of bond buying reductions, the “Feds” will finish this latest round of Quantitative Easing, otherwise known as bond market manipulation, in October. Meanwhile, Wall Street and geo-political observers are closely watching the increasingly unsettled international hot-spots in Ukraine, Israel/Gaza, along with the civil wars in Syria and, again, Iraq. The significant threat from the radical Islamic Jihadists, ISIS, has ironically aligned the U.S. with Iran in supporting the Kurds of northern Iraq. In recent weeks, stock markets around the world gave back some of their earlier appreciation while government bond values moved higher, as more investment capital seek “safe havens”. Precious metal investments have been holding this year’s gains nicely. Despite these troublesome issues, U.S. stocks have recently bounced again and are now pushing all-time highs.

After last winter’s deep freeze and resultant negative growth in the first quarter, our U.S. economy rebounded sharply, growing nicely, in the second quarter. All eyes will be focused on the second half of the year to determine whether our domestic growth continues at a sustainable pace and supports the consensus seeing the U.S. economy gradually normalizing. The outsized recent stock market gains remain vulnerable if the economy stumbles. The instability in Ukraine and worries about Putin’s Russia may be contributing to a recent slowdown in the European recovery.

We remain firm in our conviction that prudent risk management is essential in these extraordinary times. Despite the roller coaster ride the markets have experienced, our financial portfolios are benefiting from our wealth preservation focused posture. The well diversified investments are strategically invested to successfully navigate today’s choppy seas.

Our sister company, Pacific Divorce Management, continues to raise our national profile as one of the leading experts in high-net-worth divorce consulting services. Our disciplined and professional process help parting couples manage the financial stress of divorce effectively and start fresh, while providing clarity for their future.

Pacific Wealth Management Market Comment

by Jim Kuntz on April 23, 2014

In 2013, we saw a wide range of investment returns across the financial markets. While U.S. stocks soared, international stock markets were mixed. Many bond investments last year were down modestly, though our Pacific Wealth Management portfolios enjoyed positive returns from some of our multi-sector bond funds. However, negative performance in commodity and precious metals did adversely affect portfolio returns.

After the extraordinary stock market returns of 2013, the financial markets are behaving a bit more nervously this year. The outsized stock gains last year were the direct result of our U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s indefinite Zero Interest Rate Policy, despite an American economy that grew at a tepid 1.9%** pace. In January, the “Feds” finally began to reduce their controversial monthly U.S. Government Bond purchases, in which our stock market’s appreciation had become so dependent. This third round of bond market manipulation began in September, 2012 with $85 Billion/month of bond buying and continued through December of last year. It is not surprising the markets are experiencing some digestion challenges as the “Feds” are paring back the amount of monthly purchases to $75 Billion in January, $65 Billion in February, and $55 Billion in March. Ben Bernanke’s successor, Janet Yellen, has indicated she intends to continue these reductions in bond buying and have them completely eliminated before year end.

Although Vladimir Putin’s exploits in Crimea/Ukraine may have some long term consequences, particularly for Europe, the near term economic implications for the global economy appear minimal at this time. It does not look like the “West” has the political will to do much about it, as Europe’s economies remain very reliant on Russia for a large percentage of their energy needs.

Pacific Wealth Management investment portfolios remain conservatively invested with lower than average stock market allocations to reduce risk.   We are optimistic our strategic diversification will effectively weather today’s choppy markets. The roller coaster ride we have experienced in the financial markets over the first few months of 2014 are likely to continue throughout most of the year. If the U. S. economy stumbles, our central bank appears willing to return to the bond buying table and continue the “easy money” policies they have embraced over the last 5 years.

We are looking forward to our upcoming annual client dinner on April 29th at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. This year’s event will be special, as we dine alongside and celebrate one of the finest collections of aviation and space history in the world.

**Source: The Conference Board

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